Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Temple Trip

Two Temples:
One Heart & Mind

Please join the Indiana & Kentucky FSA chapter for their
bi-annual temple trip
on Saturday, February 26th
in either the Chicago or Louisville temples.

Co-Chair Sara Hayman will be presenting this year's FSA theme "Trust in the Lord" at the Chicago temple 
Co-Chair Esther Edwards will be presenting this year's FSA theme at the Louisville temple.

Afterwards join us for lunch provided by LDSFS at a nearby restaurant (to be determined).
For this temple trip there will NOT be babysitting provided but your children are welcomed to come to lunch with us if you decide to trade-off with your spouse or bring your own babysitter to the temple.
(Note: The church building across from the Louisville temple is not available for babysitting as usual, due to remodeling).  

Why do we plan FSA chapter temple trips?
When we put our trust in the Lord by attending the temple as a group with one heart and one mind focused on our Heavenly Father's love that shines through adoption-- we are blessed.
Not only are we blessed individually and as a couple/family but our whole chapter, our cities and our states are blessed. 
Specifically and in general love and adoption flourish when we attend the temple as families supporting adoption. 

Please RSVP today either on this blog, by sending an email to or responding to the Evite that you hopefully received previously. Thank you!

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Green's said...

What time will the session be at for the Louisville temple?