Friday, April 15, 2011

Adoption Fast

Unite with us in prayers and fasting to further adoption work in Indiana and Kentucky.  We have devoted the following days for fasts and prayers with one another and our wards and extended families:
 May 1st
August 7th
November 6th
December 4th
If you can, try to get to the temple on the weekend of each fast if possible.  Below is a letter you can share with your bishops if you feel your ward would be willing to unite with us (Copy and Paste).  We welcome all.  Note at the end of this year we will stand together saying we have done all we could and then what peace will fill our homes. 

Dear Friends and Families,

As Families Supporting Adoption unites with the staff of LDS Family Services we work intimately with those seeking to adopt children and birth mothers considering adoption and other alternatives. Much prayer and fasting has gone into how we might move this work forward. As stewards over all within our state we feel the responsibility to make certain every child born in Indiana has the promises made clear in the Proclamation of the Family, where every child has the right to be afforded the blessing of being in a covenant home with a mother and father to teach them the principles of the gospel. This is our missionary work and stewardship and we invite all who would unify with us to join with us in dedicating this next month’s fast to focus on the birth mothers in our state and the adoptive couples seeking to provide those eternal promises to these children. We believe as we unite with our brothers and sisters we can petition the Lord to soften our hearts to the prompting of how best we can support birthmothers and soften the hearts of these birth mothers so the children can enjoy the blessings and covenants of eternal families. As we invite wards and members to join in our prayers and temple service our hope is that unifying will bring power and strength to these efforts. Please know we welcome you to consider if you feel this would be unifying and uplifting focus for your ward to unite with us and strengthen our petition to the Lord for these sweet spirits.

David L. Pitcher
Marcia French

Monday, March 7, 2011

Aaron & Brynn's Adoption Journey

Miranda is our second daughter, and our second adoption. The roller-coaster ride that brought Miranda into our family has had MANY more ups and downs than the one that gave us our first daughter, Samantha. A couple of months before Miranda was placed with us, we had an adoption fail. We went to Georgia and had a beautiful baby boy in our care for 3 days – and then had to give him back to his birthmother. It was a very difficult time. We were heartbroken and decided we would NEVER go back to Georgia and it’s “10 days until relinquishment is binding” policy.

However, in mid-September, at just the right time in our healing process, we learned that a birthmother, in Georgia, was “very interested” in our family. The caseworker we worked with during the failed adoption kept us in mind as she continued to work with her birthmothers. We spoke with our caseworkers and sent an email introduction to our birthmother the following week. That Sunday we are once again driving down to Georgia for an early delivery. That night we met “Mama S” and our sweet baby, Miranda, who was only a few hours old. She was, and is, a beautiful baby with big, dark eyes. We spent the next two days visiting Mama S and Miranda in the hospital and getting to know them better. Mama S signed her relinquishment papers, and we all went “home.”

“Home” for us was actually a hotel in Georgia, where we spent the next 10 days at high anxiety, as we communicated with Mama S and tried to help her through her grieving. We had lunch with Mama S a couple of times while we were there and continue to have a good relationship with her.

Miranda is now 3 and a half months old. The journey to bring her home was brim full of ups and downs. Throughout the process, we know we had our Heavenly Father’s help and guidance. We know that the Lord is aware of all of His children and knows our unique situations and loves each of us.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Temple Trip

Two Temples:
One Heart & Mind

Please join the Indiana & Kentucky FSA chapter for their
bi-annual temple trip
on Saturday, February 26th
in either the Chicago or Louisville temples.

Co-Chair Sara Hayman will be presenting this year's FSA theme "Trust in the Lord" at the Chicago temple 
Co-Chair Esther Edwards will be presenting this year's FSA theme at the Louisville temple.

Afterwards join us for lunch provided by LDSFS at a nearby restaurant (to be determined).
For this temple trip there will NOT be babysitting provided but your children are welcomed to come to lunch with us if you decide to trade-off with your spouse or bring your own babysitter to the temple.
(Note: The church building across from the Louisville temple is not available for babysitting as usual, due to remodeling).  

Why do we plan FSA chapter temple trips?
When we put our trust in the Lord by attending the temple as a group with one heart and one mind focused on our Heavenly Father's love that shines through adoption-- we are blessed.
Not only are we blessed individually and as a couple/family but our whole chapter, our cities and our states are blessed. 
Specifically and in general love and adoption flourish when we attend the temple as families supporting adoption. 

Please RSVP today either on this blog, by sending an email to or responding to the Evite that you hopefully received previously. Thank you!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Dear FSA Friends,

In 2011 we hope that you'll join us in supporting the vital cause of adOPTION.  Adoption is a loving OPTION and we exist to spread that wonderful news.  We are here to support families, to learn, to educate, and to bless lives.  We know that we have a loving Heavenly Father and that He has a plan for every single one of His children. 

This year, our focus and theme is "Trust in the Lord..." taken from Proverbs 3:5-6, which reads, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct thy paths." 

Each of us is tied to adoption in some way.  We know that the Lord watches over and blesses His children.  We can trust Him and have faith that He is aware of our needs and the needs of those around us.  He wants us to have joy.  He has promised us that if we trust in Him, He shall direct our paths.  This is true in all aspects of our lives.  How evident it is in the many amazing stories of adoption that we have experienced and learned about. 

We invite you strengthen your trust in the Lord this year by being faithful and prayerful.  We know that you will be guided each day and find joy even in your trials.  Share your knowledge with others and strengthen those around you.  We have treasures of knowledge and blessings to share as adoption advocates.  Thank you for being involved in a cause about LOVE.

Visit the blog often.  We will share talks, scriptures, and stories related to TRUSTING IN THE LORD.  And we hope that it will encourage and strengthen you.

Love your FSA Co-Chairs,
Sara Hayman and Esther Edwards