Monday, February 22, 2010

The Infinite Power of Hope
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
November 2008 Ensign

Toward the end of World War II, my father was drafted into the German army and sent to the western front, leaving my mother alone to care for our family. Though I was only three years old, I can still remember this time of fear and hunger. We lived in Czechoslovakia, and with every passing day, the war came nearer and the danger grew greater.

Finally, during the cold winter of 1944, my mother decided to flee to Germany, where her parents were living. She bundled us up and somehow managed to get us on one of the last refugee trains heading west. Traveling during that time was dangerous. Everywhere we went, the sound of explosions, the stressed faces, and ever-present hunger reminded us that we were in a war zone.

Along the way the train stopped occasionally to get supplies. One night during one of these stops, my mother hurried out of the train to search for some food for her four children. When she returned, to her great horror, the train and her children were gone!
She was weighed down with worry; desperate prayers filled her heart. She frantically searched the large and dark train station, urgently crisscrossing the numerous tracks while hoping against hope that the train had not already departed.

Perhaps I will never know all that went through my mother’s heart and mind on that black night as she searched through a grim railroad station for her lost children. That she was terrified, I have no doubt. I am certain it crossed her mind that if she did not find this train, she might never see her children again. I know with certainty: her faith overcame her fear, and her hope overcame her despair. She was not a woman who would sit and bemoan tragedy. She moved. She put her faith and hope into action.

And so she ran from track to track and from train to train until she finally found our train. It had been moved to a remote area of the station. There, at last, she found her children again.
I have often thought about that night and what my mother must have endured. If I could go back in time and sit by her side, I would ask her how she managed to go on in the face of her fears. I would ask about faith and hope and how she overcame despair.

While that is impossible, perhaps today I could sit by your side and by the side of any who might feel discouraged, worried, or lonely. Today I would like to speak with you about the infinite power of hope.

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This section was chosen because we, as adoptive families, are "searching" for our children. It can be frightening, overwhelming, discouraging, etc. I love this image of his mother searching for her children, and picture hope as a dear friend holding up a lantern by her side, giving her peace and comfort in her quest, overpowering those other emotions. It can do the same for us as adoptive families.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Infinite Power of Hope

We are so excited to share with all of you our "theme for the year."
We have felt strongly as an FSA Committee that our message for our FSA couples this year is one of HOPE. Our testimonies are that hope can be a shining light and dear friend as we are seeking to build our eternal families. Our prayer is that as we share our thoughts about this theme of hope throughout the year, and as we all study it in our families, that we can all be strengthened with greater peace and joy in the journey! This week we will share some quote about hope each day. ENJOY, and please feel free to share your thoughts as a comment.
Walking with Two Sisters
By Larry Hiller
Faith walks before me,
Holding up her lamp
As I try not to stumble in the ink-dark hours before the dawn.
Her light illuminates
One step and then another.
Beside me, Hope, arm linked with mine, encourages and steadies.
Sometimes in the tedium,
Distracted by the pain,
My mind begins to wander, then my feet.
I hesitate.
Unsure, I look to Hope.
Her hand takes mine.
The touch reminds me of another hand held out to me,
One pierced and scarred
Yet oh so tender
Lifting me and blessing me when I had fallen and despaired.
Remembering,I move ahead
Buoyed up by Hope, who sees the end with perfect clarity.
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